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Eva and her sister Miriam, both twins, were spared and taken by Josef Mengele, the Nazi Angel of Death, for experiments. They endured months of medical torture, enduring injections of unknown substances that even modern doctors cannot identify.

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u/EvaRaw666 Jun 05 '23

The Girl Who Forgave Death - 1945. Eva Kor, a survivor of the Holocaust with Romanian/American roots, was taken to Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944. Tragically, upon their arrival, her mother, father, and two sisters were immediately separated and condemned to death. Despite the unimaginable pain she endured, Eva courageously expressed the following sentiment:

"I never even got to say goodbye to her. But I didn't really understand that this would be the last time we would see her"

Eva and her sister Miriam, both twins, were spared and taken by Josef Mengele, the Nazi Angel of Death, for experiments. They endured months of medical torture, enduring injections of unknown substances that even modern doctors cannot identify. As a result, both girls fell gravely ill, with Eva suffering from a debilitating fever for five weeks. Despite being given only two weeks to live and unable to walk, Eva summoned the strength to endure the experiments and the pain, constantly reminding herself of her will to survive. In 1945, the Soviet Army liberated the camp, allowing Eva and her sister to return to Romania.

In 1950, Eva relocated to Israel and served in the army for eight years. Eventually, she moved to the United States in 1960 and married a Holocaust survivor named Michael Kor. As Eva aged, she experienced various health problems. Meanwhile, Miriam faced intricate and severe medical issues during her three pregnancies. It was later discovered that Miriam's kidneys had ceased growing since she was 10 years old. Subsequently, her kidneys failed, and Eva believed this outcome was a consequence of the experiments they endured as children. Without hesitation, Eva selflessly donated one of her kidneys to her sister, stating, "I have one sister and two kidneys, so it was an easy choice."

Regrettably, Miriam succumbed to kidney cancer in 1993. Filled with anger towards the Nazis for the suffering inflicted upon her family, Eva dedicated herself to advocating for Holocaust recognition. However, in a remarkable display of forgiveness, Eva embarked on an emotional journey and forgave Mengele and the Nazis for the pain they had caused her. This transformative perspective took hold during the 1990s.

In 2019, Eva passed away. The photograph mentioned above captures Eva displaying an image of herself and her sister Miriam taken in Auschwitz, with Miriam standing beside her on the left in the hood.



u/garvisgarvis Jun 05 '23

"Spared?" Hardly.


u/[deleted] Jun 05 '23

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u/beansahol Jun 05 '23

Don't undermine what she went through and what she has come to terms with just to look virtuous and retributive.


u/RancidRabid Jun 05 '23

So many people expect victims to graciously "grow" to forgive their abusers. If they do, good for them. If they dont, the fact that nazis were a monstrosity remains the same.


u/beansahol Jun 06 '23

I don't expect anyone to do anything, but I think it says a lot about this woman's character that she was able to suffer through such horiffic abuse and still forgive the perpetrators.


u/[deleted] Jun 06 '23

yeah but this is just talking, the fascists are on the rise everywhere again and no one cares - it only matters for reddit comments about what victims should feel i guess


u/Coorotaku Jun 05 '23

I am not. I simply stated that she survived. She could not forgive them if she didn't. It's good that she did not spend her final days filled with anger and hatred after all she's been through. But others are perfectly justified in not forgiving the nazis


u/Large-Lab3871 Jun 05 '23

You are not wrong , but It’s not just even the Nazi that did or do such things . The evil is in the governments world wide . Look at the United States government doctors and what they did for the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. Into the 1970s . Look what happened at Tsitsernakaberd. 1.5 million Armenians who perished in the FIRST genocide of the 20th century at the hands of the Turkish government. Or even Rohingya genocide that started 2017 and is continuing still to this day. The Nazi war seems to get all the attention and all others just glossed over. When it’s not just white germanys who are evil . Evil comes in all colors , religions, shapes and sizes . But the one thing they all have in common is over powering governments push to eliminate freedoms from the people they don’t like for whatever reason.


u/eatingganesha Jun 05 '23

Sounds like the experiments he did trying to stop aging. shudder Immortality was high on Mengele’s list.


u/CherishSlan Jun 05 '23

Thank you for the link that shares her words her view point on things. I think it’s very important to read how those that went through these unimaginable travesty’s see and experienced them and cope with them. It’s not our place to ever judge them about it because we were not there. Thank you for posting this no one should forget history lest we be doomed to repeat it.


u/Glittering_Ebb9748 Jun 05 '23

Thank you for sharing this. It's so important that we never forget.


u/hilldo75 Jun 05 '23

https://candlesholocaustmuseum.org/. She opened a Holocaust museum in Terre Haute Indiana. While at ISU (2004)my fraternity held a fundraiser for the museum to repair arson damage to it(people are assholes). It was a hot tub-a-thon, she came out to visit us. She was such a super sweet, nice, and funny lady. We invited her to get in the hot tub with us, she declined but said maybe in her younger days.


u/Chickensandcoke Jun 05 '23

I’ve always wondered what a Holocaust museum was doing there


u/Shicksshucks Jun 05 '23

Yeah, I don’t think they were “spared”.


u/eighty2angelfan Jun 05 '23

Yeah, why does it say spared?


u/discowithmyself Jun 05 '23

Probably just means not killed


u/eighty2angelfan Jun 05 '23

Killed might have been better


u/awfulachia Jun 06 '23

Wtf kind of take is this


u/eighty2angelfan Jun 06 '23

Tortured and experimented on has to have some long lasting and devastating affects. Not to mention all the people they probably witnessed having horrible stuff done to them. Dead would have been just dead.


u/jim309196 Jun 06 '23

Death also has some pretty long lasting and devastating effects. Mostly the being dead thing


u/eighty2angelfan Jun 06 '23

Being dead ends all your worries and suffering. Only those who you left behind suffer your death. However, for the victims of the cult of serial killers know as the Nazi, their loved ones are probably already gone.


u/Player7592 Jun 05 '23

Unimaginable how you recover from that.


u/ActualMis Jun 05 '23

Eva and her sister Miriam, both twins

It'd be even weirder if only 1 of them was a twin.


u/sumpuran Jun 05 '23

Possible if they had another sibling.


u/Spirited_Block250 Jun 05 '23

Having another sibling wouldn’t make them any less or more twins lol, unless they were triplets but this conversation is getting wild now


u/sumpuran Jun 05 '23

Imagine that Eva had a twin brother and her sister Miriam was born a year later. Then, when referring to “Eva and her sister Miriam”, you could say that one of them is a twin.


u/Spirited_Block250 Jun 05 '23

And if that was the case then you’d have a point lol.


u/ActualMis Jun 05 '23

If you had triplets, and one died, are the remaining two twins, or 2 triplets?


u/Spirited_Block250 Jun 05 '23 edited Jun 05 '23

Lmaoooo they actually call them surviving triplets lol.

And if two triples die then the last living one is called a surviving triplet singular.

Tho I did Google it cause idk about triplets just twins. My moms a twin and my younger brothers are twins lol.

However I am singular, me. Lol


u/StopTouchingThings Jun 05 '23

Came to say this 😆


u/MereLaveau Jun 05 '23

That’s your focal point in this?!? Wow.


u/drippykoopa Jun 05 '23

Her museum in Terre Haute was burned down around the time I was a senior at ISU. The arsonist spray painted “remember Timothy McVeigh” on the side of the building before burning it down. Luckily they caught him but the damage was already done. All that memorabilia was lost to the fire. I got to speak to her on a number of occasions, and our conversations were quite memorable to say the least.


u/breadless_bread Jun 05 '23

There is a song about her and her sister from a german Band named "Saltatio Mortis" and the song is called "Todesengel" (angel of death). As Eva heard that that song exists, she contacted the band and met them in person to tell them about her horrific experience. I think the meeting can be found on youtube


u/morallyirresponsible Jun 05 '23

There’s also a song by Slayer called Angel of Death. It’s about Dr Mengele and Auschwitz


u/DamonElba Jun 05 '23


u/bt123456789 Jun 05 '23

I still need to listen to their series on that. It's on my list.

Some of their other series' are great though.


u/Waffletimewarp Jun 06 '23

Go in ready. It’s pretty goddamned bleak. Not even the Jar Jar Binks soundboard cans save it.


u/bt123456789 Jun 06 '23

I mean I've finished Vince McMahon's, Kissinger, Coco Chanel, am almost done with Clarence Thomas. I'm sure there's a few others.

I know they're all child's play compared to Mengele but..


u/AngoraVan Jun 05 '23

The sweet faces in this photo are heart breaking. I’m so grateful for survivors sharing their stories so humanity can’t deny or forget.


u/Ok_Monk219 Jun 05 '23

What animal subjects children to torture. God please forgive us.


u/SpiderPidge Jun 06 '23

God's dead. How could there be a god that lets this happen?


u/Monkeyhalevi Jun 05 '23

My friends aunt was a mengele twin. They turkey basted her entire reproductive tract with hydrochloric acid to see what would happen. She was 5 years old.


u/zakuropan Jun 06 '23

wish I could unread this


u/Monkeyhalevi Jun 06 '23

Imagine how she felt about it…


u/OrangeCosmic Jun 06 '23

How can humans get to a point where they think that other humans are not humans


u/Fitz911 Jun 05 '23

What's with that title? ...both twins... So twin sisters? Because it sounds like they were both twins who happened to be sisters.

What does "that even modern doctors cannot identify..." mean?

Do they have samples of that stuff?


u/[deleted] Jun 05 '23

The whole article just seems poorly written. I'm almost wondering if it was done with AI.

That said, the Wikipedia article also mentions the unknown substances. I'm assuming they're unknown not because modern doctors straight up can't identify them, but because Eva was never told what they were when the Nazis forced them on her, and they're out of her system/undetectable now.


u/anjovis150 Jun 05 '23

Could have been experimental vaccines. I've read Mengele treated kids quite well compared to the actual victims of his crimes who didn't make it to old age.


u/MakeADeathWish Jun 06 '23

I saw one of the documentaries on her when it came out. It really touched me. One unique aspect of the holocaust was the industrialization of cruelty, where previously it was more sporadic in history.

But human suffering due to cruelty doesn't need to large scale to traumatize you. What i took from her story is that you forgive for yourself. You are not giving a gift of amnesty bc you are not the justice system. If someone wronged you, it happened. You forgive yourself for being unlucky. You may eventually forgive the perpetrator for your own sake bc carrying around hatred can be toxic to you, so why be unlucky twice?

This approach doesn't work for everyone. Some ppl need that anger to keep going. Everyone grieves differently.

Writing it out, it sounds more Buddhist than Judaic.


u/Thatsayesfirsir Jun 05 '23

I doubt she "forgave". Accepted, if anything.


u/Maximum-Pride4991 Jun 06 '23

People can forgive the unimaginable. It actually unhooks you from the person who harmed you. If you don’t forgive it kind of links you like a chain to that person forever. It’s really a merciful thing to forgive. Not for the perpetrator but for the victim.

Now the perp can still rot for all I care. But the victim doesn’t rot with them.


u/[deleted] Jun 05 '23

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Jagerjj Jun 05 '23

Keep it classy, Reddit


u/LordBrandon Jun 06 '23

How was this guy able to operate? Even a Nazi should be able to see the things this guy did were wrong and he needed to be stopped.


u/ChangeLow9377 Jun 06 '23

Why do they have to remind us of this everytime meanwhile they're committing the same in Palestine.


u/NetworkEcstatic Jun 08 '23


More like condemned to torture. Nazis had no intention of sparing her or her sister in the end.

I'm glad she forgave and found peace but let's not pretend "spared" is the appropriate word.

They had an extreme scorched earth policy. As I understand it many survived because Nazis had to escape either the allies or Russians in a hurry depending on where they were.