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Laying the foundation of the Eiffel Tower, 1887

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u/GenVonKlinkerhoffen Jun 05 '23

What strikes me most about this photo is not the sheer size of the foundations (although they look really impressive), but how empty the surroundings look. Compare that to the vibrant neighborhoods around the Eiffel tower today!


u/Chinaski_616 Jun 05 '23

I alway think the same about those early Washington & Lincoln memorial shots, just a swamp around them - see here if links are allowed


u/achbaca Jun 06 '23

Thank you so much for posting that link. Those photos are so fascinating to see after spending time there myself. Much appreciated.


u/MWFtheFreeze Jun 06 '23

Yeah wasn’t this in same time period most of medieval Paris was torn down to create the street pattern we know today? If I recall correctly the state of many buildings and the city in general had become really poor at that time. So they decided to start over. And I also believe it was not uncommon at all for cities to clear major areas to host a world exhibition. Since it was a great honour and a chance to show off of course.


u/Any_Significance3883 Jun 05 '23

The most surprising thing is how few buildings are in the area. This area is pretty dense now.


u/[deleted] Jun 05 '23

People always liked a good wifi signal.


u/redundant_ransomware Jun 06 '23

Yes we know, but there's enough room in special ed for all of them, so they will be taken well care of..


u/iandix Jun 05 '23

It was originally supposed to be a temporary construction.


u/dovario Jun 05 '23

Originally Parisians thought it was an eye sore. Which is the main reason that Victor Lustig was able to con businessmen into purchasing the scrap metal for when it was torn down.


u/LikeGatsby Jun 06 '23

The story goes that Guy de Maupassant (famous French writer) hated it so much that he would eat there every day to avoid seing it in the Parisian sky.


u/BrupieD Jun 05 '23

If that's supposed to be Paris, how come I can't see...never mind.


u/waffles-n-gravy Jun 05 '23

Found the supervisor


u/50centwomussles Jun 06 '23

You think it’s a supervisor


u/Enlightened-Beaver Jun 05 '23

Looks like an archeological dig in Egypt


u/johnnydorko Jun 06 '23

I wish I could wear a top hat while doing construction


u/MWFtheFreeze Jun 06 '23

I’d prefer a hard hat, you know because of safety and all. You would look fabulous though.:)


u/Quirky_Benefit_8383 Jun 05 '23

wasnt it originally going to be in Canada or the US? I believe it was erected to be the 'entrance' of the world fair and it was never taken down.


u/HeartRoll Jun 06 '23

It is honestly really cool to see pictures like this, just also we can still see pictures like this thanks to the person who took it.


u/T-Rex_Woodhaven Jun 06 '23

Make sure to do hard labor in a full wool suit coat and top hat.


u/dexterthekilla Jun 05 '23

I would have built it better and faster


u/RedSonGamble Jun 05 '23

I’ve been to the Eiffel Tower but never the Miffel tower


u/AppearanceKey2170 Jun 05 '23

some Dead Rabbit's mfer down there


u/vivalavega27 Jun 06 '23

Ah ... See there's your problem. They're all leaning a bit