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Prediction Tournament now with Prizes from LG UltraGear!


Hi everyone!

Our predictions tournament has already started with the beginning of play-ins. BUT, we have upgraded our prizes thanks to a collaboration with LG UltraGear!

1st place: LG UltraGear 27GP950 Gaming Monitor

2nd place: $100 Riot Gift Card

3rd place: $50 Riot Gift Card

4th - 6th place: $25 Riot Gift Card

7th - 10th place: $10 Riot Gift Card

As always we're also handing out the exclusive "Reddit Analyst Extraordinaire" flair to the top three winners, so you automatically win all arguments with the other peasants on the sub.

In addition, LG UltraGear will be hosting another giveaway starting at quarter-finals, where you will be able to win loads of skin codes. The twist is, prices for it will increase depending on how far their sponsored teams GenG and EG manage to get.

Thanks again so much to LG UltraGear for sponsoring this tournament! You can find their Twitter account here, and if you want to play like a pro with 240hz, you guys can check out the 32GQ850 model as well.

Click here to get to the tournament. Warning: Participating in the prediction tournament may cause the results of games to be spoiled!

Here you can find more information on the prediction tournament.

Have fun!

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Reminder: Event-long bans for region baiting offenses during Worlds


It's been two years since this rule was introduced, and since we are happy with the results we've made it so that the rule is now permanent, however here is a reminder to everybody: Anyone who breaks the region baiting rule will be banned until the end of the tournament.

This will be a separate process to our usual three strike policy, which means that warnings will not be handed out, but it will also not lead to any permanent bans unless other rules are also broken. If your comments breaks both the region baiting and personal attack rules you will receive a ban for the duration of the event that will count as one strike towards the three strikes.

So what counts as region baiting? Let's start by looking at the rule itself:

Region baiting is not allowed. Region bait is defined as: Trash talk (NA>EU EU>NA) that is taking place in a completely unrelated thread. Posts and comments that do nothing but incite inflammatory arguments between regions are also not allowed.

What does this mean in practice? If you just watched a game where a team played terribly we won't ban you for going into that post-match thread and talking about how bad they were because of X, Y and Z. If you give legitimate reasons why one region has performed better than another one you're not getting banned. If you make harmless jokes that have more substance to them than just "LUL EU/NA BAD" you won't get banned.

Basically, just be reasonable. Don't attack people simply based on what team they support or where they're from. Don't go into posts for the sole purpose of starting arguments. Don't react to criticism against the team you support with personal attacks. Don't use one region's success to bash other regions.

We want everyone to have a great time during Worlds, and part of that is not having to be the target of personal attacks.

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Knight ended a CQ game with score of 33/3/8, dealing 3314 dmg per minute


This is just ridiculous even for someone who is considered one of the, if not the best mid laner in the world. Crazy performance, he was just perma fighting and somehow never dying, mental boomed the entire enemy team by minute 5, sucking HP back and back over and over...


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Blitz buffs + URF

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Emily Rand tests positive for COVID, will be off the analyst desk for the foreseeable future


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Worlds 2022 Prediction Tournament

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KOI x ROGUE!! It's official now!


Rogue Tweet: https://twitter.com/Rogue/status/1578108813613625345

KOI Tweet: https://twitter.com/KOI/status/1578111285010780160

The roster will be the same next year. The team will be named just KOI next year, no Rogue in naming.


Player reactions:

Some more details...

  • No one is fired from Rogue
  • Koi had offers from 3 LEC and 1 NA teams
  • Koi had money to be in LEC solo, but they preferred to fusion with Rogue
  • Koi will not hold players if they aren't happy in the org
  • They will try to merge both academy teams into one, with the rest of the players being free agents

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MAD's Chad year in retrospect


In one of the best Big D Energy years of gaming, here's a look back at MAD Lions' alpha road to finish 2022 on a high note.

1- Place 7th in Spring split.
2- Secure 2nd place in Summer split because they had the four best players in EU for nine straight weeks. Sorry, Armut.
3- Ty, Mr. Covid Mr. Putin. EU gets 4 teams.
4- Qualify to Worlds because G2 wins. Ty, Mr. G2.
5- Lose to Rogue in BO5.
7- Lose to Fnatic in BO5.
8- Lose to EG in BO5.
9- Refuse to elaborate.
10- Enjoy vacation with some Pina Coladas.

What a run. GOAT'ed even.

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What is the deal with the World's shop?


This is literally some of the worst UI design I've ever seen. Its so cluttered and the icons are so massive that you have so scroll forever to see everything available in the shop. Also why do the descriptions cut off before the champion name when there is clearly enough room for two lines of text in each box? You should at least be able to minimize the pass track so you can see more than just one line of things in the shop and there is so much wasted space at the top with the event shop banner just covering even more up.


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T1 Keria on Champs Queue: 'I was able to experience this innovative system in NA which was pretty refreshing and fun'

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Splitpushing in urf make me happy


Every day I get home and log on to league of legends by riot games, I click URF, I click play. I lock Ziggs, or perhaps Trundle, maybe even Tristana.

Hullbreaker rushed

Tower autoed

300 gold

Me happy

Tower die

Me smile

Enemy team cries, I do not care as i must splitpush

Team begs me not to end, but the nexus must fall

They try to stop me, I do not care, splitpushing is my passion

Splitpushing in urf is my life

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Early view on 12.19 impact


Hi all,

sry that I am a bit late, but sometimes there isnt much time in between work.

As we are a bit late this time we do have a bit more data.

And as requested by a few, I will use Gold+ data that early as it is more reliable. I will still talk about higher elos on certain champs if they differ a lot. Overall there isnt too much to talk about as many of the changes weren't that large or just tried to help off meta builds and most of these builds dont really work well still.

Source: League of Legends Analytics • LoLalytics • Patch 12.19. AVG WR at the time I am writing this is 50.2%, last patch was ~50.6% at the end of the patch.


  • Nasus: He is one of the 2 large winners this patch. +3.5% WR gain is massive. He reaches a 53% WR now. His PR rose massivly, too. +125%. Skill orders are unchanged, only the gap widened. QWE in most cases. Items also pretty much the same. Sheen item into a very tanky build. In higher elos the WR gain is very similar, but the overall WR is slightly lower with just around 52.2% WR in plat+.
    • Mid: got some traction. Playable as a counter.
    • Support: even when looking better, still seems to be bad. Makes sense against Kalista and maybe Aphelios, but else he is mostly terrible.
  • Blitz: The other massively buffed champ. Also nearly +3.5% WR gain, reaching a 53.8-54% WR. The PR went up by +42% also.
    • Top: Seems bad. Doesnt perform well at all
    • Jungle: Many people try Nashors first and they mostly fail. Good ganks, terrible objective control and scaling. The highest WR right now have tank Blitz players. Frostfire or Chemtech. The PR is still small to say it is clearly the best, but all other jungle builds seem to fail.

Jungle Blitz 12.19

  • Fizz: The AP buff looked small, but it's still around 1.5-2% WR gain with a ~+50% PR boost. 51.3% WR and a 4.8% PR makes him look very solid in mid. Items and skill orders stay as always.
  • Ryze: +1-1.5% WR and +100% PR. But pls, dont use Everfrost when you arent good with the item. Everfrost is a strong item for him, but you need to be really good with the active. In most cases, especially for the AVG Ryze player, it is just better to fall back to Crown or Ludens based on the situation.

Ryze last 30 days

  • Ekko: A 1.5% WR increase in mid and jungle while also nearly doubling the PR. Reaches a pretty good 51.5-52% WR in both positions. A top tier jungler and mid laner now for soloQ.
  • Jinx: A solid buff of ~+1.5% WR while buffing her PR by ~60%. She is back with a 50.5% WR, being back above in her more normal area.
  • Sona: Just +1% WR and +50% PR. Just a simple buff. For skill orders, everything works on her similarly well. Chose based on the situation.
  • Nunu: The buffs helped him a bit on AVG but AP Nunu is still not good. Neither in mid nor in the jungle. Close to playable, but not good at all. In both cases tank nunu is far superior. Even with the small sample size and considering it could be nearly 50% on Rocketbelt, Tank still would be far, far better.

Nunu Jungle 12.19

  • Udyr: Nothing really changed for him. He is slightly stronger, but overall you should still stay to what worked before.
    • Top: RW max is barely ok. Q max is shit in lane
    • Jungle: QE max is OP, RW and RE max also OP. Around 53% WR easily
    • items: R max is always sunfire + tanky, Q max is always Trinity + BotRK into juggernaut style.
  • AP Twitch: very strong now. Playable in mid, bot and support and better or as good as AD twitch in all 3. Only bot AP twitch will get outscaled by AD at 2 items if you dont snowball with you AP advantage early on
  • Shyvana: AS long as you play her as tank, she is pretty much close to OP.
    • Top: Tank with some AP is still the best there. I would like to get data on Trinity first, but I doubt it will be as good as tank.
    • Jungle: Here you can start to go AP more and more. Teh gap of ~4% WR diff went down to ~2% only now.

Shyvana Top 12.19

Shyvana Jungle 12.19

  • Garen: Nothing really changes. Mythic into Mortal Reminder or just directly Mortal Reminder into Mythic. Galeforce is a slightly better option now. but overall still the same with a minor buff.
  • Rakan: Evenshroud was an up and coming item, likely beating Shurelias. Now Shurelias is slightly buffed with the AP ratios, but overall nothing really changes.
  • Kai'Sa: Nashors 2nd is now playable. Got ~+1% WR on that item in the 2nd slot, getting it close to the other options. Lacking data.
  • Malph: AP is stronger, AP is still trash. Only AP option is Night Harvester but you need to make sure your mana is covered. In the first place this buffs Demonic Embrace for him and makes Sylas better.
  • Tahm: Same as Malph. Buffs Demonic for him. At least it doesnt buff Sylas.


  • Master Yi: He lost around 2.5% WR, at higher elos even up to 3% it seems. His PR went down by -17%. Overall a strong nerf but he still has a 51% WR (50.5% in plat+). You still want to max EQW most of the time, QEW in some cases.
  • Rek'Sai: Her PR went down a bit, her WR is pretty much the same. Nothing really changed yet. But she lacks a good sample size even now and even in gold+.


  • Syndra: I looked at her and the WR is pretty much even still. Maybe a tiny buff. But then you see her PR. +600% in plat+ and +480% in gold+. From 0 to one of the most popular champs. The only none ADC that can compete with her in PR now is Aatrox. In Dia2+ Only Kai'Sa is above her.
    • Skills: She is tanking around 0.5% WR right now because most people still max QEW. You did that before to get the E passive bonus and the lower E CD. Now that the passive isnt tied to skill ranks anymore and the E has a fixed 15 sec CD instead of 18-14 sec this isnt needed anymore. QWE is the new best skill order, winning by 1-1.5%.
    • Items: Nothing really changed here. Ludens into Shadowflame most of the time and people still do this.
    • Power curve: What changed a lot is her scaling. She is weaker early on now (especially pre 7 which is the time you should get your Q upgraded), but she scales way, way, way better.

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Faker on Group A at Worlds 2022: “EDG is not a weak team. It will be a good test for us to see if we can take wins against EDG in the group.”

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Worlds - What NA Heard Vs What Ireland Heard

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I played for years on and off and only now I learn that Tenacity has no effect on 0.5s stuns due to "minimum duration of CC". I wish this info was more easily available? also # preseason


For example if enemy ability has a 0.5s stun, tenacity has no effect on it, as 0.5s is the minimum duration a CC can last. Mind = blown.

So not only Tenacity has dimishing returns due to % stacking multiplikittenly, its effectiveness is also krugged by a rule of half a second?

This doesn't really matter as no amount of Tenacity will reduce mankind's deathclock, but I still have this eerie feeling of being cheated out of info and it made me dizzy enough to blurt out this post and invent phrases.


Great post and more context on tenacity effectiveness is here https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/f3yo39/so_i_tested_tenacity_and_minimum_cc_duration/
that post and lol wiki https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Tenacity seem to indicate the theoretical minimum is 0.33s, if so then it still reinforces the point that the CC duration reduction is unclear, unstable and unsomething.

edit: other good post I guess https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/r4u04i/indepth_guide_to_tenacity_and_cc_removal/


Also worth to know the cancelled idea of tenacity affecting knockups https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/q5f9q5/since_before_last_preseason_we_havent_heard_of/For me knockups can still have their special category but be partailly reduced: like only 50% of your tenacity affects knockup duration.

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T1 X Raiden, THE BOYZ 'Last Man Standing’' MV

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What Is With The Current State of Low Elo Play?


I got back into league after about a ~1-2 year break or so. I'm not a good player by any means and the break of course made me worse. I found myself in mid bronze during my first few games and after my placement.

What I did not expect to see was the amount of support bots in the game. It feels like every 2nd to 3rd game has a bot that just ruins the whole experience (I had a streak with 5 straight bot games). Couple this in with toxic players, and the occasional smurf and it seems like every game has something going on.

Am I just unlucky with my games, or is this becoming normal for low elo games?

EDIT: I was messaged shortly after making this post by someone advertising their boosting service...I can see all of these issues run deep

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Bloodmoon Gwen - Skin Concept


Bloodmoon Gwen Concept: https://i.imgur.com/Mk8FoDt.jpg

Hey, everybody! I designed a few iterations for what a Bloodmoon Gwen skin could look like in game for yesterday's Skintober/Conceptober prompt over on Twitter. I was happy with how this turned out but may do a cleaned up and fully realized concept when I get a bit more time. Either way, I appreciate you stopping by and checking this out.

If you'd like to check out my other skin concepts and work, here's my Artstation Portfolio. Take care!

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GEN Ruler goes honest on burnouts "I started thinking, for the first time in my career -- I just want to give up. I just want us to get eliminated and be done with it” discusses the new mental state that helped him overcome the burnout and win the LCK; discusses Gen.G's chance at winning Worlds

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Cloud9 vs Fnatic who do you guys have your money on?


This Friday, two good teams will be facing off in the world championship who do you think will win? I am routing for Cloud9 :)

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All Worlds 2022 Free Pass Rewards


Worlds 2022 Free Pass

I saw the Overwatch subreddit do something similar by combining the pass's free rewards into one picture. You get 10 rewards as part of the Worlds 2022 Free Pass. This equates to:

  • 400 Pass Tokens
  • 1 Worlds 2022 Icon
  • 1250 Blue Essence
  • 1 Emote
  • 1 Orb
  • 1 Eternals Series One Capsule

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RNG Breathe on Group D: “A lot of people see that group as a two-team race between Gen.G and us, but even though we are Spring Champions, we are here as the LPL’s fourth seed."

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Ryze’s recall animation is the most disrespectful BM in the game


A bit random but recalling as Ryze when you’re about to kill some 5 hp enemy after you hit your root is so disrespectful it’s crazy. Imagine you’re a champion about to get slain by an enemy who hit their root on you and there’s literally nothing you can do about it, then you see the blue motherfucker whip out a goddamn book reading that shit sophisticatedly like he has nothing better to do besides reading out a prayer before he gives out the finishing blow. There is simply not another animation in the entire game that is as disrespectful as Ryze’s recall even including skins, you can challenge me on that btw.

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umbral glaive is too strong


40 second cooldown to automatically reveal wards and oneshot them

40 seconds is too low for an automatic activating item with so much power.

its basically 2.3k for an sweeper but bettter

map is always black

if umbral glaive is 40 seconds cooldown, wards should automatically recharge without needing to back to compete because wards stand no chance vs umbral glaive,

more like 20 seconds cooldown with ingenous hunter

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Missed Ashe Ult accidentally steals Baron Nashor from across the map

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Worlds 2022 Group Stage Scenarios Spreadsheet


I created a complete list of scenarios for all four groups in the group stage of Worlds 2022, and I wanted to share it with anyone who wants to track them after every game, like me. I will do my best to update the sheets in real time (my time zone is not too favorable).

You can find the spreadsheet here.

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Powering up | G2 Worlds 2022 Hype Video

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