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Highlight [Highlight] Per mid-game report, Rudy Gobert says he and Karl Anthony-Towns have bonded over their love of anime

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Highlight [Highlight] Victor Wembanyama drains a fadeaway corner 3

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John Wall hits The Dougie

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Steph Curry, Steve Kerr, and Andre Iguodala have now all come out to call out Chris Haynes and refute his report that a change in Jordan Poole's behavior throughout camp was what led to his altercation with Draymond Green.


Steph Curry in his latest press conference:

That specific tweet that was insinuating JP's attitude has changed since training camp or whatever time length that they're talking about...it's absolute BS. Andre addressed it yesterday with his tweet. JP's been great. There's nothing that warranted the situation yesterday. Horrible when speculation becomes opinion and becomes borderline fact of what actually happened. I hate that that became part of the narrative. It's not fair to JP.


Steve Kerr earlier today:

The only thing I will say is that Jordan has been fantastic throughout camp. There was a report I was made aware of last night that Jordan had an attitude in camp. Nothing can be further from the truth. He's been fantastic. Disappointing to see misinformation out there. But I wanted to make sure I set the record straight on that.


Iguodala yesterday:

What we not gone do is talk crazy about my young fella JP… great character kid… miss me with all that other bs… straight from the “SOURCE”


The tweet from that they're referencing:

[Haynes] Draymond Green was apologetic in aftermath of the altercation with Jordan Poole, but there was a buildup stemming from teammates noticing a change in Poole’s behavior throughout camp with the guard on the verge of securing a lucrative extension, league sources tell @YahooSports.

About time Haynes got called out. This guy is not a journalist. He's just a mouthpiece for Klutch. Absolute bush league stuff for him to drag the other players into this like a complete weasel ("there was a buildup stemming from teammates noticing a change"), making up this bullshit about how the whole team had noticed a change in Poole when all he's trying to do is spin the narrative and defend Draymond punching a teammate.

Every time a Klutch client acts like an imbecile and gets into some controversy you can always count on Haynes to come out immediately with some PR spin and damage control. Let's not forget, he's the same guy who defended Rich Paul and blatantly lied about him screwing over Nerlens Noel, put out stories that LeBron never wanted Westbrook and wasn't responsible for him coming once Russ started playing poorly, and covered for LeBron when he was holding out on getting the vaccine and definitively declared that he had gotten vaccinated despite zero evidence. Tweeting out statements like "Being around LeBron James for years, he’s always been private about his medical and never been one to endanger his family or teammates. This statement puts one thing to rest: he’s been vaccinated." is not journalism. That's just shameless PR and dickriding.

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Victor Wembanyama shows out vs the G League Ignite again: 36 PTS (11/24 FG, 2/7 3PT, 12/16 FT), 11 REB (5 OREB), 4 AST (2 TOV), 4 BLK, 1 STL, +26 in a 6 point win


Box Score Source

Man this kid is unreal. His three ball wasn't falling like it was two days ago but he stepped it up in every other aspect. The race to the bottom should be something to behold this season.

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Highlight [Highlight] Victor blocks a shot and completes a thunderous alley oop in transition

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Highlight [Highlight] Wemby meets LeBron and AD

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G League Ignite head coach Jason Hart on Victor Wembanyama: "We will never see another player like that again...coaching, I'm glad I got a chance to play against him at 18 so at 24 he'll be a whole other player. Somebody else's problem...He got game."

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Highlight [Highlight] Victor Wembanyama drains one from the hash mark

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Kevin Durant on Victor Wembanyama: "The league is really in trouble when he comes in... Everybody's really excited for his arrival to the league so will see what happens."

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The Adelaide 36ers — who beat the top-seeded Phoenix Suns earlier this preseason — were blown out by the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight.


The Oklahoma City Thunder (who finished 24-58 last season and were down several key players tonight) cruised to a 131-98 victory against the Australian basketball club.

The Suns lost to the 36ers 134-124 this past Sunday, in part to a great shooting display by Craig Randall II and Robert Franks.

This all means nothing in the grand scheme of things, but I’d like it to mean something.

r/nba 14h ago

[Golliver] 7’1” center Rudy Gobert says “I feel good, I feel small” next to 7’4” French countryman Victor Wembanyama


Looking at these two guys next to each other is just crazy to see the size difference to one of the tallest athletes in the league. His shoulders are well above Rudy's


7’1” center Rudy Gobert says “I feel good, I feel small” next to 7’4” French countryman Victor Wembanyama

The kid is going to be insane

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News [Winderman] Spoelstra says Jovic is still doing his final exam over Zoom to graduate from high school

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Shaedon Sharpe tonight: 27/1/2 on 10-13 FG, 1-4 3PT, 6-6 FT with 3 steals and 2 blocks


27 points

10-13 FG

1-4 3PT


1 assist

2 rebound

3 steals

2 blocks

He looked a lot more comfortable and had some shades of Brandon Roy here and there in some plays. Of course, we did play against weaker competition but so far he’s looked really smooth and comfortable. Nearly hit his head on two lobs lol.

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Highlight [Highlight] Victor shows his skills in isolation with a smooth spin and fadeaway

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Highlight [Highlight] Shaedon Sharpe climbs the ladder to put down the lob

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Ben Simmons post game interview: "Three shots is definitely not enough...obviously offensively I need to get to the post, more touches down low, be more aggressive, get to the rim, get to the free throw line which I didn't do tonight...It's been a year, I'm coming back. Give me some time though."

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Highlight [Highlight] Victor Wembanyama posterizes a man

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News [Wojnarowski] Reporting with @draftexpress: As NBA executives consider the transformative impact 7-foot-4 Victor Wembanyama could impose on the NBA's tanking and trade market, his agent Bouna Ndiaye insists there's no plan to shut down the projected No. 1 pick:

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Highlight [Highlight] Victor Wembanyama hits the turnaround J

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Dejounte Murray’s pre-season debut as an Atlanta Hawk: 25 PTS/8 REB/9 AST/2 BLK


25 PTS




9-13 FG

Traded from San Antonio to the Atlanta Hawks this off-season, great start for him so far. Dejounte played great defense which was needed for a team which had one of the worst defense’s in the league despite their offense. Dejounte worked well with Trae who scored 22 points and had 3 assists. Could the addition of Murray help elevate this Hawks team to the next level? What are your thoughts?

Source for Trae’s stats

source for dejounte’s stats

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Highlight [Highlight] KD drills the middy with defender right up in his grill, then Ben Simmons steals the ball for a wide open dunk

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[Katz] Mitchell Robinson on if he ever wants to shoot 3s: “I really just wanna do crossovers. I ain’t gonna lie.”

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[UNINTERUPPTED] Draymond Green HATES playing against bad NBA teams 🤣. The four-time NBA champion shares why he dislikes playing against the bad teams in the league, mainly the Sacramento Kings, on #TheShop. Out tomorrow at 12pm ET / 9am PT on our YouTube! 💈

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Highlight [Highlight] The Miami Heat defense forces Ben Simmons to commit two turnovers in 17 seconds

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