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Environment A Sustainable Life: Eating insects can be good for the planet

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Video More drone attacks from DPR ´sparta´ battalion on Ukrainian positions outside Donetsk

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TSM Jinnytty Officially Joins TSM

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Trump Nazis doing a little happy dance on January 6 while watching the insurrection on TV screens

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General Safemoon is going to conquer. Everything. We are so far ahead of the pack it’s not even funny. 😇🙏💚


There are those who will distract you with tales of FUD. They’ll whip you up into a frenzy, knowing how to hurt you where it hurts the most.

Ignore them.

Then there are those who patiently build. Who let go of the negative to focus on creating something truly amazing.

Vision brings those who are jealous. Those who wish they had what you have and who, because they cannot be you, will try to bring you down to their level.

Trust your instincts. Trust your research. Trust no one. But trust those who prove themselves. In actions, not accusations.

Safemoon is the future of crypto. I said it last year well before we went parabolic and I’ll say it again. This is lightning in a bottle. This is one in a million, one shot. All of the things that had to come together to get us to where we were. It is not happening again.

The path to success is never easy. Or we would all be billionaires. Surviving trial by fire is what gets us to the future.

The series of product drops that are coming our way will align with the next Fed pivot and the bull run. And the new generation of Safemoon partners will create a DeFi ecosystem we could not even have envisioned last year. With Orbital Shield to protect us.

This is the time for those of us who believe to accumulate and be the next whales.

I’ll see you all on the moon. 😇🙏💚

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History of Germany since 1990: Every Year

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Movie/TV New Black Panther 2 Dora Milaje Star Confirms Her Character Is Queer

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Designers 🤌🤌🤌

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KoMmOniSMuS iSt DiE zUkUnFt

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Cornette's Mount Rushmore: El Santo, Rikidozan, Antonio Inoki, and Giant Baba... your thoughts?


Okay, I know Cornette is controversial here, but I didn't expect him to basically put over these four so much. But I was listening to his tribute to Inoki today, and he pretty much spelled out his version of Mount Rushmore: El Santo, Rikidozan, Antonio Inoki, and Giant Baba, basically saying that for an art form that mostly originated in the US the most influential and culturally powerful names did not originate in the US.

Honestly, I was a little surprised to hear this from him. I figured he would at least have had Lou Thesz on his list. But damn if I don't know who he would replace from those four. You don't have Inoki or Baba without Rikidozan, so you can't get rid of him, and it doesn't seem fair to have just one of Inoki or Baba without the other, and they obviously deserve their spot. El Santo is obviously irreplaceable too.

But nice to see Jim give love to these four. But as usual he couldn't get through it without shitting on modern wrestling.

Edit: /u/boredguy2022 pointed out that Jim was talking more about international stars, so I went back and listened again, and that sounds maybe right? It’s kind of a hard sentence to parse. It initially sounded like he was saying overall but now I’m not so sure.

Either way, these four deserve their flowers, so I’m happy to see them get it.

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award waitin'

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Serious Empathy for Alex


I’ve seen a lot of posts condemning Alex for cheating and implying that Alex and Ned’s relationship was on the same wavelength so she deserves to get fired too. In reality though, she was the employee and the power dynamics isn’t talked about enough. How consenting was the yes in the start and could she have said no later in the relationship without it threatening her job. Also to people who say, Ned is getting more flack. Well yea, he literally built his brand off being a family man and loving his wife, but Alex has no brand. She’s not an influencer also her life is probably really hellish at the moment. She lost friends, and her fiancée and now has to deal with the falling out. I think that punishment is enough and clearly the rest of the Try Guys hold no ill will towards her. I’m glad, Eugene made the statement about the internet being more critical and hurtful towards women. At the end of the day though, yes Alex did a shitty thing but it doesn’t mean she’s a shitty person. I hope she is doing well, reflecting and finding peace for herself and life.

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who built the pyramids?

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American Politics How Propaganda Is Destroying Democracy (2022) how propaganda is turning the GOP into something dangerous [00:44:39]

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NA DEFEATS EU for the 1st time EVER at Worlds / Favorite teams in the meta - Summoning Insight S5E27

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Article Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey 'hit a bumpy patch' in Enchanted sequel, Disenchanted

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Destiny Destiny says his haters use his code base for their sites.

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Console it's 9:03 PDT.

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You have been located by Dionaedo Licaprio. Pray for your soul.

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Bicycles What are everyone’s thoughts on bike helmets? Personally I think people tend to use them as an excuse to build underperforming infrastructure. They also make cycling seem inherently unsafe, which discourages people from riding.

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Meme ince bi espri

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Discussion We need a way to destroy items

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Soup for Ants [homemade] 1/4 cup of soup

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