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World Cup Get Rekt, dont let the door hit you on the way out.

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How to normalize extremism

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Review I Wasted Two Hours Watching ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’


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Discussion This league is looking worse than 3.19


Let me point out Why I think This league will be even worse than the previous one. I'll focus on the aspects I think are most problematic in the game right now.

-Ascendancies. I Think many ascendancies needed buffs desperatly. Not only GGG ignored this completely but they also nerfed Occultist and Inquisitor. So even worse than before.

-Drops: Drops Imo were in a terrible state. The base loot is bad and loot goblins are not a reliable way to make currency. This patch will only make things worse with the altar nerfs.

-Melee. The melee "buffs" felt insulting to me. The unique weapons reworked being as rare as a mageblood? Whats the logic behind this? If they were as powerful as a mageblood, ok , I get it. But they are not. They are still weaker than most good rare weapons. Why they should be so rare? Also, lets be real: Vaal Gem versions will not make a bad skill good. They are still ignoring the root problems of melee.

-No significant gem buffs. When ppl read patch notes they want to be hyped about changes. Most games nerfs the strongest stuff and buff the weakest. GGG again nerfed the strongest ( Lightning Strike/Conduit), but where are the gem buffs to bad skills that will make me excited to try out new things? Nothing really seems interesting.

-Curses got a nerf to their base numerical values and level scaling. So that whole promise of them being stronger against pinnacle bosses is just a lie. They will be close to the same against pinnacle bosses and way worse against everything else. Also, if you were running a lower than lvl 20 curse gem ( due to requirements or automated setups) , then the nerf will be even harder.

-No significant buffs for crafting end game gear. Crafting is a big deal to a lot of players. If you didn't like the state of crafting in 3.19, you will still hate it in 3.20

So my conclusion is: Most ppl that were unhappy with 3.19 will still be unhappy with this new league. GGG quadrupled down on their vision that the game should be "balanced", also known as, "no fun allowed".

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Meme I rather die serving the emperor, then live peacefully worshipping chaos (These reddit is getting a little repetitive)

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DongHuap - What will Actually Kill League of Legends


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Discussion Same freaking meta again..


Just finished reading the patch notes. No big changes to skills. We gonna have same meta for 3 league now = righteous fire + fire trap and lightning strike again. (The nerf to lightning strike is not even that bad.)

Chris please just make a big shake up to skills, and make melee great again.

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Dear Jack Edwards [an open letter]


I’m sure you’ve been soul-searching the past couple of days. Justice from the court of hockey public opinion has been swift and unflinching. Insensitivity of any kind, even in jest, even as part of a compliment, is a heinous evil that must be scourged of the earth.

Likely you’ve considered apologizing, or ignoring it all together, and hoping it blows over.


I want you to come out firing. When an Avs player flinches from contact, call him as soft as the fatty-coddling SJWs online! Tell Patty Fatty you’re donating food to greater Tampa area to make up for how much he eats. Make us the BIG Bad Bruins again all the up to the broadcast booth! Hated Bruins are always the Best Bruins.

Thank you Sir, hope you see this, and never change.

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Surprised no one has discussed that Jack called Portia a “fuc&!n’ slag”.


Perhaps I missed it being discussed, but when they are waking around Palermo and discussing arancini, Portia says something like “I love rice balls” and Jack says “I’ll bet you do, fuckin’ slag”. Maybe I’m a priss, but if I had been sleeping with a guy, even if it was just a vacation fling (and yes, I’ve had those), he calling me this would set my alarms way off. You don’t slut shame someone you had sex with 12 hours ago. Even if I knew I’d never see him again, I would have at very least casually shut that down, and let him know that is not okay even if joking. YIKES. Wondering if it gave anyone else pause? Either way, I’m completely obsessed with season 2.

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News PSA: no one cares about how much you listen to Spotify


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Some guy sent me this from his ifunny account.. what's your point dude?

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Posting this shit in my fursuit oops...

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Elon Musk says the Fed must cut rates ‘immediately’ to stop a severe recession


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Megan Fox, MGK team on nail polish collab with a 'strong sexual energy'


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Society/Culture A good shower doesn’t require any soap or shampoo, just water.


Of course if you’ve been doing yard work all day, or just finished exercising, some body wash could help. But for the most part, water only with a good scrub is used for the daily showers. Maybe once or twice a month I’ll wash my hair with shampoo to really clean it but otherwise, I really like how the natural body oils build up on my skin and hair when I use water only. It leaves me feeling clean, refreshed, whole, and feeling like myself. Not like I’m coating myself in someone else’s manufactured smell.

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☁ Hype/ Fluff GUYS????

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op-cringe Got to get a good taste of the grapes fresh off the tree

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Biotechnology Elon Musk expects Neuralink's brain chip to begin human trials in 6 months


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The "Instantly Get Downvoted To Hell On Reddit For Even Mentioning" Starter Pack

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Discussion People really had us thinking Dracthyr looked bad. I think they were just picking the worst assets. Imo I've never looked cooler in this game. Dracthyr are awesome!

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Fellow cyclists, I beg of you: don't use the strobe function on your lights


So I commute by bike for a bunch of reasons including multiple neurological issues meaning that driving is not really an option.

Today my life was in danger because another cyclist in the same protected bike lane had very bright lights on strobing. He kept staying behind me and his front light was strobing right into my mirrors.

At one intersection I asked him to turn them off lest I get a seizure and he doubled down on "I need to be seen so the cars don't hit me"

If we were on a suburban stroad then maybe but WE WERE IN A PROTECTED BIKE LANE. But even still strobing lights can still affect drivers, pedestrians, etc.

Please think twice before putting your lights on strobe. Cycling is already hard enough in a car-dependent world, it makes it harder as a disabled cyclist when other cyclists put their own comfort ahead of my safety.

I know I'm not the first to bring this up and I swear every time somebody does the response is "but photo-sensitive epilepsy is uncommon". Sure, but that's across the whole population. Most of us cannot drive, so we're more likely to bike.

If you absolutely must strobe, at least consider: - Where are you? Are you in a protected bike lane? - How is the light pointed? Would it be in the mirrors of other cyclists? - Are you tailing somebody for an extended period of time? Where I'm from drivers are taught high-beams should only be used if there's nobody else around, and this seems like a good idea to translate into cycling now that lights are much brighter - What frequency is it on? Slower is less likely to be an issue - Front or back? Front light strobing is illegal in many places because of the safety risk but enforcement doesn't seem to happen

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Please be safe and courteous out there


With Boulder County now being once again back in the “high community level” status for COVID-19, I ask that everyone in our community take extra precautions and also be considerate of those who are part of the vulnerable population by wearing masks when in public indoor spaces. As I feel the downvotes and snarky responses coming, I will say this - no, not everyone can receive vaccines for health reasons and yes, they should still be allowed to visit places just as anyone else would. As for the Maga crowd, take your ivermectin and you’ll be fine. Everyone else, just be considerate. Thanks.

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Discussion Before you complain about 'not shaking up the meta'/so few skill changes, consider that the viability of most everything got buffed with AN and hex changes.


AN changes (i.e. rares getting weaker) lowers the barriers to entry for effective clearing. Hexes being full strength against bosses (especially pinnacle bosses) lowers the barriers to entry for bossing. More or less, the power floor one would need to reach just went down for just about everything.

I won't claim every skill is fine now, and certainly there are skills that will overperform compared to the majority, but more skills should be able to perform reasonably now. If there's a skill or build you want to play, it should be easier to pull off.

Not every underused skill is underperforming, plenty just haven't amassed popularity. So if you're tired of using the same meta skills... play a different skill you want to play. This league will probably be the best chance you've had to make it work in the last year and a half.

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I voted Democrat in every election in my life… but this rail strike bill is testing me. I’m so mad. The democrats don’t care about workers at all. How can you tell me one party is better? Just showing us their true colors. Sorry. Just venting.


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For all who voted yes on 114, how many are against the police? Do you understand the power and money you just gave them?