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Question Am I the only one who prefers the Edge Panel over the Taskbar?

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Terra Ecosystem How do you choose a validator?


There’s a lot to choose from on Station. It seems the 0% commission is best so why choose ones with 6%, 10% etc.

How do you choose?

Do you look at how the Validator voted and if you agree, delegate with them?

Are there other metrics to consider? Thanks all.

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I Love Draining It To Jenny! 😍😍🤤🤤😍🤤🍆🍆🥴🥴💦💦💦

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Politics Video: Libertarian Natalie Bruno makes her case to be Oklahoma's governor

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News Season 2 poster, the wings...

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You give, I give let's begin


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Does Walmart pay count as digital wallet? Does discover work with Walmart pay? Ty



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UK/France HG items for an Aussie gal


Hi everyone!

I'm going to France and the UK (Paris and London!) shortly and after recommendations on your must have beauty essentials which are difficult to get in Australia / anything which is ridiculously cheap overseas as compared to back home

  • Skincare

  • Concealers

  • Blushes!

  • Highlight/Contour

  • Gifts and little souvenir items

So I pretty much just want to hear recommendations for products that are too good to pass up. Thanks in advance!

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Various ARTISTS LISTEN UP! Where to start in the art world. (Tutorial)


I write guides and insights helping artists and collectors in the space.

Generative art is actually a concept that goes as far back as the 60s. The process of algorithmically generating new ideas, forms, shapes, colors or patterns. First, you create rules that provide boundaries for the creation process. Then a program follows those rules to produce new works on your behalf.

The most used tools being p5.js which uses JavaScript and Processing which uses Java. Not easy if not familiar with coding, but it’s certainly worth a dive. We’ll do a deeper look into the individual tools and how to get started with them later on.

Platforms that champion this medium would be:







They all operate differently, between Ethereum and Tezos chains. From marketplaces to minting stations and being exclusive, they are worth checking out.

Some incredible people making waves in the space are:








They’ve all created unique styles, collections and pushed the boundaries of what can be done within this space.

Follow me here and on Twitter for more insights.


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Memes It's surprising good

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Artificial Red chopped

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Cut this girl down and loaded her into the cannatrol!

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Cape Town sneaks in to become one of Condé Nast's 10 best cities in the world

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Discussion Obviously I'm reaching a bit but that's still cool and kawaii asf.

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Radio channels


Hey guys, I'm new to the game, started with 1.0 and I'm amazed that there isn't a rap or rock station ingame. Is adding more stations on the roadmap or can someone show me a way to put my own music in?

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Level 32 Starter PTC account 25$


Level 32

42 Shinies

13 100 IV Pokemon

22 Legendaries/Mythical/Ultrabeasts

1 Shiny Legendary

Selling for 25$ ONLY (PayPal)

DM for pictures and queries, have a great day <3

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Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

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Interesting normie hu bhay

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CR-V question Why am I getting rips on my tint?

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Who's cutting onions?

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Rome "For Gondor!" | The Lord of the Ring: Total War | Ep. 2

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TBF you have to have pretty high IQ and intelligence to understand radiohead

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Comment stopper la cigarette en seulement 20min


Voici une formation sous forme de 3 modules qui t'explique comment arrêter de fumer très rapidement : ➡ 1 : Ce module permet de comprendre ton fonctionnement addictif, et de savoir comment lui répondre. Nous préparons le terrain favorable pour ton arrêt en douceur dès le module 2.

➡ 2 : A la fin de ce module, tu sera déjà LIBÉRÉ(E) de ton addiction autant au niveau psychique que corporel.

➡ 3 : Ce dernier module est vraiment un plus par rapport aux deux autres. Voici le lien d'inscription à la formation https://www.arreterdefumer.fun/?sa=sa0050768455b8251f8296125a4599d0945c8ad206 Fumer c'est mettre de l'argent à la poubelle alors foncez

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Meidän pitää saada hevisaurus taas päämediaan


Minua syvästi harmittaa se ettei ihmiset tiedä enää hebisauruksesta. Hevisaurus oli minun ja monen muun lapsuuden kulmakivi. Muistan kun menin mikkelissä heidän ensimmäisille keikoille, ja siten rakastuin tähän bändiin. Hevisaurus on mahtava bändi joka tekee laatumusiikkia kaiken ikäisille. Jotenka yritetään saada hevisaurus taas mediaan.