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I’m 100% done with conservatives.


I don’t want to kill people I disagree with, but I am fed up and some days wish the GOP would disappear.

I’m not some sheltered blue state liberal. I’m Appalachian born and raised, and have always been in in a GOP family, church, and area. I still don’t have any liberal friends, close family members, or anyone else I talk to more than a few times per year. Every one I’ve met is stupid, crazy, evil, or a combination of the three beyond which any normal person would want to be around them.

While I love my family and am able see through their flaws for the wonderful people they are, since we’ve been together and close for decades, there isn’t a single Republican I know that I would willingly associate with if we weren’t family or otherwise forced together.

I will never vote for, be friends with, date, or otherwise knowingly associate with any Republican outside my current social circle ever again. I don’t want to live around them, I don’t want to live under them, I don’t want to talk to them, I don’t even want to be reminded they exist.

I was conservative until I was 16 and grew up enough to reject that garbage and know their ideas front-to-back from having them pounded down my throat for 20 years straight with the same ardor as religion, and they suck. It’s a rotten ideology to its core, and anyone who espouses it is either insane or mentally and/or morally decayed beyond recognition.

The GOP causes, worsens, or stagnates progress on 99% of the USA’s problems. We’d be infinitely better off without them. We’d still have problems, but at least we could solve them without one side pouring water into the boat while the other’s bailing. It would quickly become the greatest country in the world, one leaving even Norway and Switzerland shaking in their boots.

I wish everyone who votes Republican in November could just GTFO to Russia, Hungary, or some other conservative circle of hell that wants them.

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I'm GENUINELY worried about THE future of generations raised on TikTok.


I swear every kid on the bus is on that thing, I've seen children as young as 8 using it (from my family!). There's nothing but strange, distressing junk videos on there. Yes, on everything. Even on educational topics. Plus, everything creative there has already been done better on YouTube at some point over the last 15 years.

YouTube too isn't a great place, but at least it gives you the option to find more in depth things if you want. It's true that even very funny, creative people have to make that "YouTube face" in the thumbnails to please the algorithm even if in the video itself they behave like normal people. But on TikTok, every single emotion, every single topic, every single discussion is expressed with "YouTube face".

You know what this reminds me of most of all? Commercial breaks on TV. At least in my lifetime (since the nineties), they've always been like that, express emotion quickly, associate with product, on to next one. Now it seems like ads have become the way humanity is taught to express itself, since you have to behave that way on TikTok. This spells really bad news for when these kids will need to address anything more complicated that "I'm happy/I'm sad". You think global politics are nasty now? Hoo boy.

Look, I'm autistic. I have a hard time relating to people, always have, even from my generation. But I'm really, genuinely afraid that when I get older and I'll have to interact with these TikTok raised kids to get anything done, I'll be talking to aliens. Who will, in return, treat me like an alien. And that seriously scares me.

Edit: sorry about the weird title, the formatting on this sub is weird lol

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No Reddit, you shouldn’t break up with your bf/gf over everything


This blows my mind. The top post on twoxchromosmes right now is everyone telling a woman to end her relationship because the man said he only finds her body type attractive.

I…what. These can’t be real people. What is with Reddit?

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Stop throwing around the word “narcissist.”


I’m so sick and tired of hearing anyone with a positive opinion on themselves being called narcissistic. It’s okay and healthy to have a good relationship with yourself. It does not make you a narcissist. If you think it’s the standard, or even close to normal to hate yourself, you’re the one that needs help.

If you’ve ever truly had the displeasure of dealing with someone who is genuinely narcissistic, you’ll understand my frustration. I love myself, I think I’m pretty and smart, and that does not make me a narcissist. Do better, get offline, and go outside. You owe it to you.

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Most Men who talk about Men’s mental health awareness month don’t actually care and it makes me upset


To start this off with some context, I’m a Cis man, and when I say this, I don’t mean all men, because plenty of them do actually care, plenty of women do actually care.
I have seen only some people talk about men’s mental health and most of the time they miss the point entirely. Let me explain.

Whenever I see a post or a video about men’s mental health awareness month, it’s something along the lines of “I bet you didn’t know this month was men’s mental health awareness month. No one cares about it, but if it was a woman…” blah blah, and it pisses me the f*ck off. There is so much you’re missing that I’m gonna break it down into parts for you.

  1. You’re not talking about it enough. When I scroll through their accounts, I see that 99% of the time that is their only post about it. Do you have any clue how hard women fought for their rights, for their health, for people to care about them? You live in a mostly liberal society, it’s easier for you to get people to care but you don’t!!!! Do you wanna know who mainly popularized women’s mental health awareness? Women. You have to do the same thing for yourselves.

  2. (This apples to the men who’ve met the criteria of #1, and I’ve actually talked to people who do this and I know not all of y’all do it) You know how women popularized their month? They spent a healthy amount of effort both sharing it and helping other women. You spend more time complaining (not sharing, complaining is what you’re doing) than you do helping. The point of the creation of that month long holiday is men’s mental health. And you’re missing the point of it entirely!!! And it’s so annoying!!!!! (For context in this anology, people can celebrate 2 holidays, men’s mental health and women’s have different months). If I wanted to popularize a holiday, like Christmas, would I complain all through the month of December that people liked Halloween more??? Would I demonize those people or the holiday itself? NO, BECAUSE THATD BE STUPID. If I want them to care more about Christmas, I’d celebrate it myself and show people what the holiday is like when I’m actually doing it right. I’d show them the benefits and how much happiness it brings, I’d show the tree, the presents, the spirit. And most of all, I’d CELEBRATE IT MYSELF even IF I didn’t see many others doing it. I’d know that I’m not alone out there celebrating Christmas. If I saw someone who needed a new holiday to help them out, I’d tell them about Christmas to see if they want to try it. Now take all that and apply it to mens mental health awareness. If I wanted more people to understand the importance of men’s mental health month, I would celebrate it myself and care about men’s mental health. I wouldn’t complain about people who celebrate women’s mental health awareness, that’s just gonna drive people away. I would understand that people can celebrate both. And above all, I would do something. If a male friend was struggling with no mental health support, I wouldn’t yell at everyone else and say “why aren’t you giving him support????” , I would ACTUALLY SUPPORT HIM MYSELF And I would expect people (especially other men) to see me do it and follow that example. Other people can’t do that for you. If every man did this then mens mental health wouldn’t be a problem. Plenty of women care but if men don’t take that step then it all means nothing. If there are 100 men yelling at other people to help and 0 men actually helping, then that’s 100 completely useless people. If you have to complain, at least do both at the same time. If you’re 80% helpful and 20% talking about it then you’re probably doing a lot. If people still don’t care about your month after that, then you absolutely have the right to complain and call them out. Women had to do that because they were ignored for so long. Doesn’t happen as much now but you get my point. TLDR the only thing stopping you from supporting other people is yourself.

  3. (Partly related to #2) This one pisses me off the most. A lot of men don’t actually care about other mens mental health, they just want to demonize women and those who support them. These people are worse than men who are just missing the point. Not only are you just harming both mens and women’s mental health, you’re doubling down and making less people care about those months in general, even going so far as to making both communities look bad entirely. You’re not only driving people away from men’s mental health awareness, any poor soul unfortunate enough to believe you is gong to try to make women’s mental health awareness look bad, which becomes an endless cycle of hate. This makes both sexes fight each other and it makes literally everything worse. Men like you make humanity worse and drag us down because your cousin broke up with you in 11th grade. You’re just scum. You hurt women and justify your bigotry by hiding behind men’s mental health awareness and you make real men look bad. Not caring about anyone’s mental health at all no matter the sex is strangely less harmful than this “woman bad” ideology.

Rant over lmk what y’all think.

Also to point out, if you are struggling with mental health issues/well being, man or woman, there are resources out there for you. If your friends don’t care then they probably aren’t friends. There are communities, hotlines, good people out there that are willing to help you no matter your sex. Don’t be afraid to reach out. If you need help and no one notices, it’s okay to call for help. Whatever reason you would have for being afraid to reach out (unfortunately a lot of them exist), you gotta get over it because people can’t help if you refuse to accept it. I care about your mental health, men and women struggle differently and both deserve unique attention (it’s attention all the same). Stop dividing us. I care about men’s mental health awareness as well as woman’s and a lot of people need to do the same.

This is all on a phone so later I’m gonna go back through and fix typos, sorry if anything doesn’t sound right.

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I truly hate my dad


I (M19) had a rollercoaster of a day and I'd like to share it with y'all. Don't have any friends i can say this to say yea Might be a big too long but bear with me.

Ok so like most Indians I've got horrible , narcissistic, overcontrolling, micromanaging parents . To be more specific dad not parents .Mom was a literal devil .Abused me physically, had an abortion without dad knowing and walked out when i was 9. Anyways lemme tell yall about the horrible things my dad has done . (1.)He "randomly" walks into my room only when I'm changing only to ask stupid questions like you got a pencil or what do you wanna eat and when i do answer he gives that stare and walks out .This has happened several times . Ive asked him repeatedly why he is just standing or what does he want . When i do close the door ,he threatened he'd break open the door and that i don't need it . (2.)He called me a ghost for staying in and when he did find out i got one female friend he said that motherfucking girl is ruining my life and he'd come to college and break both our legs. (3.)I believe he's stalking me too.Today morning i went to his room to take the ironing box and found a printout of my timetable on his bed .No wonder he used to call me as soon as my college ended . (4.)He used to constantly tell 13-14 year old me that if i don't like the way he's running things around the house just up and leave .That hurt man (5.)He uses me as an excuse for everything like I'm doing this for you blah blah blah Literally for each and everything .Goes out for hours or even late night.I'm lonely I'll confess.The feeling i get when I return home and no one's there It hurts . (6.)He objectifies women . He talks pervertedly to women some nights holdin his junk .Seen it so many times and puked now nothing comes out (7.) I love basketball. When i said i wanna join the college team he said it's worthless to play basketball if i don't reach the nationals (8.)When he seemed down and i decided to console him he straight up said " Is something wrong with your head .What are you talking about ?" (9.)One day i got sick so i took a leave .Next day he straight up asked you going to college or not .Never bothered to ask me how i was doing . (10.)I've never gotten less than 80% in my life .No matter how much effort i put he jokes saying you don't study at all always on that stupid phone. In 12th i got 94% guess what he said..if you would have studied more you would have gotten 96%. (11.)When i had a friend over they noticed how my expressions changed when i entered the house .I don't feel myself in that house .I have no emotional attachment to that house .It's lonely and it hurts when i open the door and no one's there . (12.)Also he told me if i don't become a doctor or an engineer I'll never be successful in life

So i just had it and decided to take it to the cops today and see what they think of it . I don't remember their responses in the correct sequence but here it goes (1.)Despite telling all this the only thing the cop picked up was i got a female friend.Went on a patronizing rant on how women are a worser drug than ganja. He said i gotta study and do so well that women chase after me not the other way around. (2.)Cop asked "So what help do you want from the police?" to which i replied "I don't wanna file a case or anything..Just wanna know if whatever he's doing is right" .The cop has the audacity to say whatever he's doing is right and that In a way he's doing to all for me .Since he's a single parent he has that extra "love" (lol). (3.)He also said what dad said is right (Read #4).You're an adult now so you should leave .If he says it again come to me and for a week I'll set you up and see how much dad will care for you (4.)He blamed my generation for being weak .Said he used to get hit like crazy and that's what toughened his generation (5.)Also said whatever he's saying take it all in good stride.. Ironically he contradicts by saying take in only the good things Not pay attention to every word he says . Don't ruminate whatever he says (6.)He told me "Be chill"😭. He also told me not to be depressed people die from it To which i replied if imma die it's gonna be from old age .This man only heard the "If imma die" because he thought i was suicidal .

Anyways today's a new day. Pretty sure he's gonna find something to pester me about .Anyways I wanna apologise to you because this is wayy too long but i can't exactly say this to anyone except you my fellow redditors.

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elon musk is everything wrong with america


exploited his wealth, uses his wealth and influence to push his shitty views and opinions.

i just cant keep watching shitty people succeed.

i hate it. i hate america. i just want to be able to get sick or hurt and not go bankrupt... i just want to own a home or have a kid so my life didnt feel like a complete fucking waste.

instead i get to watch billionaires act like giant babies and blow life changing amounts of money on stupid shit.

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Coffee shop / fast food prices have gotten out of hand!


I know this probably has been posted a hundred times but I’m fuming and need to get it out.

I went to a fast food place and paid $25 for 2 meals with 2 drinks - the same combo cost me $5-7 less in 2019 (I was able to scroll back in my purchases on my cc and see the increase, with approximately the same order). A 20% increase in 3 years is obviously ridiculous but then I went to a popular local coffee chain (not sb) and was charged $20 for 2 16oz drinks and a cakepop, $1.50 tip. What the actual fuck. I know obviously the answer is to not go out anymore but I was having a nice day out with friends & family, didn’t feel like cooking, and wanted a treat.

I used to eat out at fast food and/or buy a smoothie or mixed coffee 1-2 times a week. I make 6 figures and feel like I can’t afford to eat out anymore, how is anyone affording this?!

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love-hate relationship being lonely


as much as i love being alone (online or physical), i really noticed that i hardly have anyone talking to me first especially online. i had to be the one approaching and initiating the conversation or else there is nothing else to talk. also, i have came across many people from different walks of life saying they have no ACTUAL FRIENDS but in reality, they at least have people talking to them on and off. as for me, i do have few friends but that also made me very lonely because as much as i knew each of us are pretty busy with our respective life, i want people to approach me first rather than having me approach them. it is has become one-sided at this point and i really convinced myself that people i have relationship with don't like interacting with me due to my dry ass personality and always taking conversations to another level.

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why are online arguments like this


insulting people while arguing with them is such a waste of time. they annoy you to the point of anger, right? so you'd like them to stop saying stupid things, RIGHT? then why would you toss your chances of actually convincing them down the drain like that? i've seen so many arguments spanning months on youtube comment sections and forums, as well as shorter yet still grating arguments on sites like reddit and twitter, and they just never get anywhere because they're constantly calling eachother dumbasses while also writing paragraph after paragraph to try and prove them wrong.

insulting people almost always seems to make it harder for them to actually WANT to listen to what you're saying. so why try and have it both ways? be civil and try to convince them, or insult them and LEAVE. anything in-between is a complete waste of time.

sure, there are people with inferiority complexes that might cave in if you beat them down enough, but if you're so right, then why would you have to do something so underhanded like preying on people's insecurities to get your point across? if you're truly correct in what you believe, then surely you should be able to convince them by just showing them the facts.

same thing goes for stuff like "keep crying about it lol [insert paragraph about how wrong you are]" framing anyone who disagrees with you as "crying" is such a childish tactic that it's actually kind of crazy how popular it is. imagine needing to feel right so much that you have to belittle those who don't agree with you and think of yourself as the mature one. legit playground insult. "haha, you're crying!" "no i'm not" "yeah, you're totally crying! i made you so mad! you're such a baby!"

the only time i've seen arguments ACTUALLY get resolved on social media is when both parties are completely civil about it, never saying or implying the other party is stupid.

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I don't understand women


I am a bi woman. About a month ago I entered the dating world. I went on a few dates. One of the women I immediately fell in love. She was a family friend and I have known her since my teen years. The other women I had been on a date with, I informed them I was starting a relationship. They both said they were interested in friendships. Yesterday, I discovered my partner took her own life. Two weeks ago she discovered her health was failing. she needed a lot of care. She felt like a burden and like I said took her life.

I had planned a game night with one woman and plans with the other. I cancelled the plans I had. One of the women was very kind. Offered her condolences and support if I needed it. The other women made a very presumptuous and awful conclusion. With me informing her of the tragedy that had befaled me, she immediately suggested that we can no longer be friends because I would seek a relationship with her. I was completely confused and angry at her assumptions. I didn't message back. After our first date and before I began dating my girlfriend who passed. I told this girl I was unsure of any relationship with her except friendship. I was really upset that she took this opportunity while I was mourning to take a jab at me I felt.

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kinda hate most gender-neutral terms


this coming from someone who prefers to be gender-neutral. I made a list of some terms that sound better in my opinion, as a parent I've had to find all kinds of alternatives as it is, since parenting groups and whatnot aren't really designed for folks like us

mainstream term: adapted term:

birth giver natal parent

mom/dad mobi, dodo, peri (there's dozens of versions for these)

sibling of parent (aunt, uncle). unty, auncle

partner (romantic) soulfriend

idk, these are just ideas

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Aged out


I'm a 40 year old woman. I've had some very toxic and damaging relationships in my life, to the point where I don't know if I can trust anyone ever again. I also have some "musts" that I have zero desire to compromise on, but which I know limits my dating pool significantly. I know in all likelihood, I will be single for the rest of my life.

I thought I'd more or less made peace with that, until I developed feelings for a 30 yo I spent some intimate (not physically) time with. He has a 22 yo gf. She's beautiful. A dancer. Smart. I have nothing she doesn't have. I don't expect him to leave her, but it rekindled my buried desire to fall in love, have a sex life, maybe even have a real relationship again. I know I'm only hurting myself by letting those feelings out because at my age, with what I have to offer, it's extraordinarily unlikely to happen.Even if I was interested in someone older, I could never compete with the beautiful young things that are constantly vying for men's attention.

Please don't patronize me with "You're not that old" or "It's personality that counts" stuff. I know what our society thinks of 40 year old women, and I was never a beauty queen to start with.

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Fuck your abbreviations.


I hate when people abbreviate things that aren't common so that I have to look up everything.

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I am so tired of automatic email subscriptions


I swear to god, this shit is ridiculous and I'm at my breaking point. I easily get 20 emails a day about stupid shit I could not give less of a fuck about.

Most of them are from LinkedIn, the worst culprit, because for some reason they feel that you need to know about when your boss's third cousin's dog's original owner takes a shit, it's absolutely mental. The amount of notification settings you have to disable on LinkedIn itself is absolutely ridiculous, and their push notifications on my phone are insanely excessive as well. Besides them, I'm getting emails from any brand I've ever bought products from, random political campaigns from different states, "recommendations" from every streaming service on the planet, blatant ads for random products, Nextdoor... Oh my fucking god, Nextdoor... the list is infinite.

And I NEVER signed up for any of this trash. I just spent like an hour going through the hundreds of unread spam emails I have in my inbox, unsubscribing and deleting because this stuff is using up a ton of my Google Drive space. I've done this once before, but somehow all the emails keep coming back, or new ones appear and start the spam cycle all over again.

Auto subscriptions should be fucking illegal, I don't understand how these companies think that spamming someone's inbox will make anyone think "huh, well Adobe has emailed me about a 10% off sale every day for the past 2 weeks, I think I'll drop a few hundos on some of their stuff!". What a fucking joke, so tired of this shit. Most of all, fuck you LinkedIn, I don't give a flying fuck if Jeffrey just got promoted or if Andy posted some lame article licking the boots of his company.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk, death to email newsletters.

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"Just because you can make a cat purr doesn't mean you can make a woman cum"


Someone told me this decades ago and it's come back into my mind occasionally ever since. It's wrong. Whoever said it either had no experience with women, cats, or both.

It's just about paying attention to response. You don't go straight for the sensitive areas, you build up to them, gradually, following the cat's signals about what feels good and what doesn't. Affirm vocally, explore carefully. Sometimes harder touches work well when the mood is right, but not all cats enjoy that. Yes, the anatomy is different and you shouldn't have an erection while you're petting a cat, but the basic principles? Identical.

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Black hair in non-black media


I get that people have a lot of unlearning to do but is it really THAT hard to not be a fucking weirdo about Afro-textured hair? There’s the typical shit shows/movies do with the character that gets electrocuted. Or the shit they do when someone gets drenched, shakes it off, and their hair/fur aggressively poofs up, and they make a face. Or when they make a big deal about a character who’s having a “bad” hair because she has some extra frizz. Or when the fro is a facet of “comedic” relief (like on American clowns). Or when it’s not even an Afro but just a curly headed girl who gets her hair straightened as a part of her “glowup.” And it’s interesting seeing this shit happen even when these franchises do still decide to fit their little black token characters in there. They’re down for the diversity points but they’ll still be sure to distance them from natural hair in a HEARTBEAT. If it’s animated series, that texture’s usually drawn as loosely as possible. If it’s live action, they’re slapping a straight wig on that head faster than the damn edge glue can dry. And that’s if the set hair dresser even pays her any attention at all.

And people wonder why so many of us insist on BLACK representation in front and behind screen (this is only the tip of the iceberg btw). It’s rare to see white creators do any characters of color justice, let alone Black ones. But a lot of this shit happens on POC’s watches to! I’ve seen this in different Latino spaces and in even more animes and the shit is just getting so fucking old. Act like you have some damn sense. And of course this is not ALL of y’all but there are too many that think it’s ok, too many that don’t think it’s a big deal, and too many that are blind to it because their hair’s just as straight/wavy as the average White person and they don’t understand texturism, and too many that are complacent.

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My husband is stressed making ME stressed


So around June, my husband got phished. And now he can't trust the internet anymore whatsoever. He has to check his email every day and has panic attacks whenever he gets a strange email. Now he has to check MY email to ensure I'm safe. I get a lot of spam emails, he freaks out about it. I legit have to hear his vents nearly every single day about how he can't trust the internet anymore and is afraid of it happening again, asks me how I'm not afraid of this, etc. And its exhausting because I don't know wtf to say or do! I just cuddle him or him cuddle me(that helps him) and tell him it's okay and just breathe and such. I just listen to him and say that really big thing made him not trusting emails and such anymore or connecting the Wi-Fi to random places. I love the guy and all but fffffuuuuuccckk so fuck people who hack and phish innocent people. I gotta deal with your mess damn it lol

Has anyone had this happen to them? Any advice maybe?

Thanks for reading.

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Sick and tired of my parents and acting like a victim.


Since I was a child my parents were very controlling with specific aspects of my life. Certain things I did didn’t bother them, only when they are in a mood or looking to release negative thoughts.I used to say “oh poor me I have it bad and now I’m screwed because of them” I hate it, it’s not true. When your younger you think your parents know more than you do and they know what’s best for you but my parents really just wanted what’s best for them and their own mental state. I never asked anyone for advice growing up and it was a big mistake Ive made. Every decision I wanted to make I was talked out of (normal decisions I.e buying a car, getting a credit card, moving out). I never really knew the process of these things and when I asked growing up it was shot down. Recently I learned that you cannot rent an apartment without credit, I’ve tried and no one will rent to me without it. I know it seems simple but I truly fucked my self. I’m trying to take my life into my own hands now but I feel betrayed in a way. All the money I make is “our money” once they learned how much I make they know want a cut because they raised me and made bad decisions. They kept me stuck because my older siblings left and one doesn’t have a job. I’m sick of being victimized and falling into that trap and just want my own life.i try so hard everyday, I work overtime, I have 2 other online streams of income and am starting to get a credit score so I can free myself. I wanted to just get out my feelings because I’m tired of keeping it in. I know my friends don’t want to hear it (you probably don’t either lol)so I think this or my computer notes was the best place. Hopefully you can share your stories as well so I don’t feel alone in this. Thanks.

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I can't handle this anymore and I need somewhere to scream


My husband passed away last sunday and I'm breaking down. All our friends and family have surrounded me in a cocoon of love and support and people... I'm an introvert and I have not had a moment to myself to process or grieve or just even have a cry.

I've had family who came to stay at the house to "help" me and all they do is get into everything, I just found one trying to be helpful by cleaning the sink with toilette cleaner. One tries to help doing the dishes but they can't clean them properly and I keep having to rewash them later. I know I'm being an ungrateful bitch but I have literally spent the last week trying to feed water and shelter a group of people during the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to me. I crave silence and they can't not have the TV on- they just have it on, leave it going. When they arrived it took me 15 minutes to find the remote and put working batteries in it- we weren't TV people.

We set the goddam smoke alarm of AGAIN making them toast in the oven because we HAVE to have toast with breakfast. My late husband and I didn't eat bread so we didn't have a toaster. I just blew my stack, they were just meddling and crowding and causing me SO much more work and stress. I feel like an absolute asshole now and am just crying and apologizing to everyone but I know I hurt their feelings and they think I'm a complete bitch.


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Santa Maria Hostel—-The Jacquelyn House


Located in Houston

This place is fucking trash and they don’t give a fuck about you!!! They only care about making money; all about the grants. A bunch of low life bitches working here. Carmen Jones is old ragged dusty bitch!!!!!! Courtney Winston needs to go jump off a fucking bridge!!!! Stay away from this hell hole!!!!

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So I just say yes to everything?


I'm working as an apprentice at a quarry and it seems as though they're way too busy to teach me anything , it seems as though In order to not have them berate me I just say yes everytime they ask me to do something and I open my notes folder and I maybe do an hours work, but they only check how many words I write and my word doc is 8000 words now so they're happy? Is it supposed to work like this?

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If a rail strike is what needs to happen to make America take its labour unions seriously, then so be it.


Seriously, the logistics/supply chain is hanging by a THREAD. These people tried to tell you, but they don't even get so much as paid sick days. They have everyone standing against them, even President Reverend Lovejoy.

I hope they strike, I hope the economy fractures, and I hope that once and for all, Americans learn about the importance of labour unions. If we all need to suffer to learn about the importance of caring for labor, then so be it. We will all suffer and those who didn't support them will ALL deserve it.

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I’m done man, I’m just so done.


I never had a choice growing up always do what you’re told so I went to college and all and I knew I wasn’t ready and it took me an extra year. I graduated I worked during Covid and I saved up money and I’m doing well.

But I ducking hate my life and I want to quit everything I do and just live my life.

Youth is wasted on the young and Covid took that from me and anxiety, depression, and never feeling I was enough. Well fuck that, I am enough and if I die I die. But I’m living my life the best I can until I die and if I can get my family rich then great, but yolo they don’t care about you after 22 anyway.