r/sports Oct 06 '22

Griner at 'weakest moment' in Russia, wife says Basketball



u/cti0323 Oct 06 '22

I feel bad for her being stuck in a Russian prison over something so stupid, but for real, she went to a hostile nation with drugs. Even if you believe her it was an accident how the fuck do you not double or even triple check your bags?


u/obi-jawn-kenobi Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

She went to a hostile anti-LGBTQ, racist nation as a black gay American...and a famous one. A nation where the President has no problem bombing his own country's apartments for his own power. A country looking for any reason to have bargaining power over America.

What's to say she was framed because it's easy for them to target a black gay woman and she's scared for her or her family's wife so she's going along with threats to say it was an accident?

I have classmates who went to Russia in the 2000s who were wildly misled by their "guides" who later got away with like half of their wallets. It's a mafia state. "Yes, you can bring this. I'll make it ok" and then getting snitched on by that person is completely realistic to me. Having it planted in her bags is believable to me.