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Mod Post Join The Reddit Sports Discord Server!


Join Our Discord Server!

Welcome to /r/sports

We created a Discord server for our community and would like to invite all of you to join! You'll be able to discuss sports with users around the world and discuss events in real time!

There are separate channels for many sports you can opt in and out of, including:

🏈 Football
🏀 Basketball
⚾ Baseball
⚽ Soccer
🏒 Hockey
🏏 Cricket
🏉 Rugby
🏁 Motorsports
🥊 Fighting
⛳ Golf
🎾 Tennis
And many more!

Reddit Sports Discord Server

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Mod Post /r/sports is looking for moderators


We are in the early stages of adding moderators.

Main role we need right now is people who can watch the new page to make sure no rule breaking posts get by.

Older accounts and prior participation in /r/sports is preferred.

Apply Here

Comment on this post your favorite sports team to confirm your application.

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Mod Post r/sports Is Looking for New Moderators


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Mod Post Join the r/sports March Madness Bracket Challenge!


YOU! Yes YOU are invited to this year's Reddit Sports March Madness Tournament Challenge! Feel free to join and make a bracket! Interested in seeing how your picks match up against other sports fans such as yourself? Want to make a bracket based on which mascot you think is the cutest? Think Georgetown has a chance to win the natty? If you answered yes or no to any of these questions, you absolutely should sign up! Whether you know nothing or everything about college basketball, you absolutely should join! All you have to do is click the link below and make your bracket before Friday! Don't wait and join today!

The winner will get their choice of custom flair on the subreddit as well as a custom role on our discord server if you are a part of it

MAKE YOUR BRACKET NOW password: sports

Join our discord server