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Microsoft's Office 365 declared illegal for German schools - again! Privacy



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u/megwump Dec 01 '22

I know that this is pretty much just an ad for tutanota, but I continue to be really pleased that there’s push back to protect peoples data.


u/2CatsOnMyKeyboard Dec 01 '22

Rest assured that at least in Dutch schools Microsoft, Google and chromebooks are very much a thing. Kids to students. Primary schools to universities.


u/Time-Opportunity-436 Dec 01 '22

They will legalise it again. Nothing comes closer to Microsoft 365.


u/Mr_ToDo Dec 01 '22

I'm sure they will, they just want it in compliance. No different than any other product.

Although you'd think Microsoft(and the others) would want country specific local storage, if for no other reason than to save bandwidth costs and improve performance.


u/Cvenditor Dec 01 '22

Do you any idea the amount of capital that goes into a data center? They definitely do not want to have to build a data center in every last freaking country, thats insane. And its BS protectionist crap too, it is a blatant attempt to force tariffs without an international agreement and violate free trade clauses in the EU.


u/Mr_ToDo Dec 01 '22

It's keeping data local, not a demand I see as overly unreasonable.

They have no problem doing that for military contracts I don't see why it's a big deal when other people want it(in fact there are a few, granted mandatory, privacy features available only to military tier 365 products).

If they don't want to make their own datacenter there are almost certainly other options they could explore. Germany isn't a third world county devoid of existing infrastructure. Or they could just explore a version of whatever they are selling that doesn't export data at all if it came to that.


u/Cvenditor Dec 01 '22

So every tech company needs a server in every single company globally? Or is Germany just special?

Military services cost 10x of those offered to education which is normally done at a terrible margin in the interest of public good.


u/Mr_ToDo Dec 01 '22

If they store data online and the customer or country has that requirement? yes, I don't actually see why not. We've been requiring that sort of thing here for medical data and the likes for, well, ever.

There's plenty of tech that has no customer data stored at all and this won't impact them in the slightest.

I don't know why this requirement wouldn't be any different than any other requirement, or why spending 10x gets you the product you need but spending less gets you the cold shoulder.

When you keep the data in the same country it's governed by the same laws without question. Once it leaves the borders it's a hell of a lot harder to say if it's properly secure or even governed by the same laws. Like say, does Microsoft have to cave to a US court order for data stored in the US that was only ever made or accessed in Germany? The answer may surprise.... absolutely nobody. But what about privacy laws, if someone wanted to share your data, does German law actually apply to data not stored in Germany? Far easier to say that you have to store your data where the question is moot.


u/cross_fire133 Dec 25 '22

It's very hard to control all this cloud-related crap. As soon as there is a physical center, then there is more control and can be monitored, and I am guessing that it is related to the legal issue. All these clouds are completely out of control, a company was founded in the USA, operates in 50 countries, establishes "development centers" in 49 countries and its headquarters is registered in the 51st country, which of course is not subject to any agreement, tax, or basic regulation. Then when looking for who to prosecute Stopped by the question: "According to which law?"


u/taz-nz Dec 02 '22 edited Dec 02 '22

One of the features of Onedrive/Sharepoint is that data is stored in at least two different data centers in difference geographic locations, so that if a major event effects one data center in one region, the data is still accessible from the second data center as it's located in a different uneffected location.