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Open | Software I'm 21 but my parents keep parental controls on my devices. They're about to put Bark on and from what I can tell it tells them everything, every single think including reddit posts. My brother said it can possibly see three months into the past even before it was installed. Can anyone verify?


I'm freaking out a little bit, especially if it can go into the past before it was installed. I can't find anything on google. Help?

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Solved Any way to make a specific program output audio through headphones, while default is set to speakers?


Pretty much what the title says haha. I want to get Spotify specifically to output through my headphones but nothing else.

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Open | Windows I spilled some water on my laptop and


So i spilled water on my laptop (e14); it was working just fine after i spilled. A couple minutes later it starts wreakinh havoc, it starts then shutdown then start then shutdown, i cant do anything myself and turning the pc off doesnt work since it just turns itself on. If i keep the pc upside down or on its side it will start up but shuts off after i begin using it huh??????

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Open | Software Internet security


How would I go about beefing up my internet security/eliminating my footprint etc. in things like password manager, browser, search engine, messaging, email. Recommendations would be appreciated, thanks a lot!

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Open | Hardware my PC boots with loud fans then becomes quiet 5 minutes later. what's causing this?


Its only when I boot it up. 5 minutes after that it becomes quiet again. I really don't know what's causing this and it's really annoying. If anybody knows a fix or something please tell me.

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Open | Phone My dad's been having fake lockscreen ads on his cellphone and it's draining too much of its battery.


My dad's been having recent problems about fake lockscreen ads that have been draining his battery. I tried to look into it and I suspect that his mobile games are to blame, those Candy Crush thingy games with weird ads. Anyways, I've tried asking the most reliable person on Earth (Google) but most of the instructions are more or less applicable to Samsung devices but not Oppo, or specifically Oppo Reno4. Sure, they both use Android, but the user interfaces are different.

TL:DR - Fake lockscreen ads, how to remove ples

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Open | Hardware HP 3755 DeskJet printer doesn’t print anything.


Hello, I’m having troubles with my printer. When I try printing documents on it, it swallows the paper and just spits it out completely blank. I just replaced both the black and colour cartridges so I don’t think a lack of ink is the problem. Further when testing the ink cartridges on my printer (the default by pressing buttons), it successfully printed only the color and not the black text that it was supposed to. So this led me to think that the black ink was faulty. However to further complicate this dilemma, when I printed out the ink cartridge alignment chart, it printed it in black. But when I try to print files from my laptop, it swallows the paper and doesn’t print anything. However if the document has a picture in it, the picture gets printed. So it seems the issue is that the printer is only able to print pictures and not text at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Open | Hardware Help! USB-C with DP1.4 to HDM2.1


I have a HP Pavailion Aero 13 and I'm trying to get a 120Hz signal out of it to my 120Hz 4K TV (Hisense 55U6H, HDMI2.1 ports only) but the laptop has an HDMI2.0 port which only goes up to 4k60 in SDR without VRR (I can't seem to get it to run at 1080p120hz either).

The laptop also has a USB C port with DP1.4 (not thunderbolt) so I figured a USB-C to DP1.4 then a DP1.4 to HDMI2.1 adapter will do the trick but some adapters I could only find male to male and I'll probably need a ridiculous chain of USB-C>DP1.4 male>DP female>HDMI female>HDMI male and this is both ridiculous and expensive and I don't even know if I'll run into some weird compatibility issue or if I'll ger VRR support (Yes, the TV supports it) not to mention that some of the reviews for the adapters talk about dubious comparability.
Then I found this adapter and I have no idea if it'll work since it says thunderbolt (which also does this through Displayport?)
So I'm feeling stumped.
What kind of adapter should I look for?

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Open | Windows Why does my Logitech wireless mouse not wake up my computer from sleep?


I recently got a wireless mouse (Logitech G502 Lightspeed) and wireless keyboard (Keychron K2 V2), and neither of them wake up my computer from sleep. However, one caveat with the mouse is that it will sometimes wake my computer up, but I've noticed this only seems to happen if I don't move it around while the computer is falling asleep. the wireless keyboard never wakes it up though (the keyboard uses bluetooth while the mouse uses a transceiver)

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Open | Data Recovery usb file corrupted? im not sure what the issue is.


i tried to search for people with similar problems, but no luck so far.

i had my usb plugged into my laptop, was working on a different project and got a pop-up about my usb having an error. i opened my files and all of my folders were gone!

there is one file on the usb with squares as the title, it seems to just be blank. i have already tried to run error checking on the usb, nothing. :(

really frantic right now because some of my (soon-to-be-due) projects are on the usb.

my recently opened file history is still suggesting the files that are on that usb when i plug it in, but if i click on those i get a "location is not available."

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Open | Phone My dad's phone was stolen a day ago, I haven't logged in there for more than 30 days, Is it still possible to track it?


It's quite annoying that it got stolen unfortunately.

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Open | Hardware Put some thermal paste on my CPU, now Windows won't start


today I took off my heatsink to apply more thermal paste to my CPU (AMD). after dusting, I plugged my pc back in to get the error code 0xc00000e (faulty boot sector). My windows 10 is on my SSD, but i didn't even touch my ssd while cleaning. super confused and I don't want to redownload Windows. I already unplugged and replugged everything I saw. Any Help?

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Open | Mac Early 2010 MacBook Pro 13.3” getting stuck in boot sequence


My Early 2010 MacBook Pro 13.3” keeps getting stuck in the boot sequence at about 75% of the progress bar and then it won’t finish booting. I know my MacBook isn’t supported anymore. I’d like to convert it to a Chromebook. Is there anyway to boot it one last time to get some important files before I convert it to a Chromebook or is it done for? It seems to be running much hotter than it used to when I try to boot. I’ve changed the battery and the RAM, but everything else is stock. What is causing this issue?

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Open | Networking Dad’s Ethernet is slower than wifi


Dad bought a laptop about a year and a half ago; he just got 1 Gb of Google Fiber today. Hardwired the laptop is getting a speed of 90 mb/s. Wifi gets 250 mb/s. We’ve updated the computer and cleared caches already, as well as restarted the computer. What are some other things we can do or look at to see if this is a fixable thing?

Dad doesn’t remember previous hardwired speeds before he got Google Fiber installed.

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Open | Windows Why is my roommate's PS5 laggy online with my PC turned on (even if i'm not using it?)


This has been troubling us for a while now, but it seems to be getting worse. We have fiber internet and pay for 500 mb/s wifi, we generally get up to 450 mb/s (I feel like that's pretty normal?). Our router is a Calix GigaSpire and i believe is rated for up to 1000 mb/s bandwidth. I have a Aurora R10 PC and my roommate has a PS5.

When we play Dead by Daylight together (don't judge us), my roommate's game always gets laggy. At first we tried switching around to the 2.4 ghz wifi channel and changing who was on which channel. This didn't change anything. We asked my roommates brother (who knows some tech stuff) if he had any suggestions. He said we should try shutting of DFS on our router and turning on MU-MIMO. We tried both with no luck.

Finally when playing today, I tried playing on my PS5 instead of my PC and it didn't help. In fact, when i switched to my PS5 i started getting lag, too. But then when I completely shut down my PC the lag disappeared. Does anybody know what could be causing this or have any ideas for how i can play on my PC without there being lag for my roommate on her PS5?

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Open | Windows Desktop Window Manager High GPU Usage


dwm.exe is using a lot of GPU. Depending on the application, it goes from 20%-60%. When I am sitting on the desktop, I get normal usage (1%-2%), but as soon as I boot up an app that uses the GPU, it spikes usage depending on how much load is on the GPU. For example, if I load up VR, it uses around 60% GPU. When I load up something like R6S, 20% usage. I've tried multiple different driver versions, some from 7 months ago, some from a month ago, and I am still experiencing this problem. I am on an ASUS G513qm (3060 laptop). I have disabled Hardware Accelerated GPU and Fix Blurry Apps. Please help!

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Open | Windows Issues with streaming services on Surface Pro X


I’ve been having issues trying to stream videos on multiple different platforms on my Surface Pro X. The netflix app and website work completely fine but when I try Hulu, HBO Max, or paramount+ (the apps or website) I get error messages and can’t stream. Sometimes it works but most of the time it does not. The error is often Wi-Fi related but that makes no sense because every other device I use works fine. I tested it just now trying to stream on paramount+. Surface pro X came back with an error message but my Asus works fine. I can stream with little to no problems on my six year old laptop and my ps4 but not on a newer device like the surface pro X? I’m not the most techie person so I have no idea how to fix this. Any ideas?

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Open | Windows Unable to login to windows


When I login to my pc I use a Microsoft account so I have to use the Microsoft app. But it doesn’t work after I tried to restart my pc in safe start. All it says is that I need to go in to Microsoft store, and when I press yes nothing happens. Same thing happens when I press no. Which means that I’m just stuck in the windows login screen…

This is how it happened - I had just downloaded game and when I was starting it, it said that I had to run my pc in safe start. So I watched a YouTube video and followed the steps on how to start the pc in safe mode. And now I’m here… I have been restarting the pc and going it to the bios but I’m still here. Help is much needed!

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Open | Hardware Help! Found a screw with solder on my motherboard


Hi I need help bigtime, I had my laptop repaired 2 years ago and now I am about to change and clean the cooling fans I found a screw filled with what I believe is solder in it! How do I actually remove this screw? I’ve been trying to use different types of screw heads and I am stuck.



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Open | Software My pc is booting up to bios


I just updated my bios today and installed a new cpu and now when ever i turn my pc on it boots bios instead of windows. Also when i try to launch mflash to try and reinstall the update it restarts and sits on a black screen. Tried using an hdmi monitor instead of my display port one and it didnt help

My motherboard is a msi b450 gaming pro carbon ac My cpu is a ryzen 7 5800x

Before i bought the cpu i did some searching make sure they were compatible and everyone, including the msi page, said they were.

Can anyone help?

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Open | Windows screenshots/videos/sharing screen shows up as dark


Hello, I am having an issue that I cannot for the life of me figure out. When I take screenshots, or record a video, or take a screenshare it all shows up dark, however the colors are perfectly fine otherwise. The reference image on the right shows how the colors look when doing any of the things I mentioned, and the image on the left shows how the colors look normally.

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Open | Windows Stuff not loading when gaming and disk working at 100%


I bought a prebuild pc maybe a year ago and while it was fine for a while now i have issue when playing game. For example, driving around in GTA V and suddenly the map wont load anymore, screen will freeze and 5,6 secs later map load and its fine. Might do it again 5min later.

Another game i play is Gw2 (mmorpg), game work fine, but sometime when i change map, the load screen take sooo long and when i get on the map , stuff load very slowly. During this time, the computer gets very slow and if i keep Ressource monitor open on 2nd screen, during the slow loading, i see the Disk usage at 100%, and it drop to normal when the problem stop. Do i have a bad ssd ? or nvme, im a big noob with new memory device.

Here are some picture i took of the ressource monitor when its doing the problem, and one picture of my specs.

My spec.

Ressource monitor.

Thank you very much for any help!

edit : i did try format the system and while i thought the problem was resolved, it started again a few days later.

When the problem occur, the disk goes to 100% usage, and everything get super slow, sometime if i try to use chrome or other software during the short freeze, i get the message "software not responding"

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Open | Software 165 HZ works with my RTX 3050 laptop, but not with my 2060 SUPER desktop?


Hey guys, I can't seem to figure out why my laptop can do 165hz with this monitor, but when I plug the HDMI into my PC, it is locked at 60 fps. It is quite confusing as I was even able to get 165hz with a cheap radeon card. Anyone know what's up? This is with the Odyssey ark monitor



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Open | Malware My stuff is getting compromised even after a windows reset


I've tried everything to get this malware removed, resetting my pc, following the malware removal guide etc etc.

While following the guide something piqued my curiosity, a file named fmaudve.dll is being scanned by hitmanpro and is getting archived almost immediately. I've ran rkill and malwarebytes and they don't seem to be detecting anything.

I'm losing my accounts one by one, and it's getting worse, to now using my accounts (steam and twitch) to botting spam/phishing links. I'm at my wits end so any clue to what might be happening would be nice.